Greece has been attracting foreigners to its shores since the days of the Persian Empire.  And for good reason; the Greece has plenty to offer visitors, whether that’s good food, beautiful beaches, history or anything in-between.  One of the best places in Greece to visit is Mykonos, a vibrant island in the Aegean with plenty to offer.  I recently came across an article featuring tips for having fun on Mykonos without having to spend too much money, listed below:

St. Stefanos beach: Mykonos’ beaches are legendary for being party spots, but less than a mile from port lies this quiet little beach, which easily accessible by a road that gives you cool views of Mykonos town in the distance.  Just across the street is the Dublin Irish Pub, which offers good food, good beer and friendly service a few hundred miles from its namesake.  

Four-wheeling: For the astoundingly low rate of 30 to 40 euros, you can rent an ATV for 24 hours, offering you a chance to tour the whole island at your own pace.  Just be careful on the narrow roads, which you’ll be sharing with all sorts of vehicles and pedestrians.  

Go out on the town: As small as it is, the whitewashed Mykonos Town has plenty to offer: beautiful Greek architecture, restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs and great views.  True to its reputation as a party spot, the stone streets and alleys are active late into the night. 

Go hiking: On top of a hill on the island is the small village of Fanari.  For those willing to brave the uphill hike, it offers amazing views of the island.  Luckily the trek isn’t too hard; you can make it up and back in about 45 minutes.  

Eat: If you’re willing to go outside of Mykonos Town, you can find delicious, inexpensive authentic Greek food.  Some recommendations from the article include Matthew Tavern and Molaraki.