Every city in Europe is jam-packed with tourists in the warmer months.  So if you don’t mind cold weather, then the best time to travel is the winter.  Here are some of the great cities to visit in Europe this winter:

Salzburg: With its beautiful architecture covered in snow, nearby skiing and Christmas markets, there’s plenty to love about Salzburg in the winter time.  

Innsbruck: If Salzburg doesn’t have enough skiing, then come to the charming city of Innsbruck, where the Austrian Alps loom over the skyline.  The city offers no shortage of ski resorts and winter attractions, and offers various packages through the region’s ski organisation.

Amsterdam: Even though there aren’t the mountains and snow of the Alps, Amsterdam has plenty to offer for those who can brave the cold, and it’s going to be significantly cheaper than in the warmer months.  While most of Amsterdam’s premier attractions are open year-round, in the winter various holiday festivities come up, and the canals serve as a great place to ice skate.

Budapest: It gets pretty cold here in the winter, but that means hotel stays are pretty cheap.  There are plenty of indoor activities to keep you entertained (and warm) in Budapest, not to mention thermal baths.  

Prague: The castles and cozy pubs of Prague offer a great refuge from the winter.  For when you do go outside, the city has plenty of Christmas markets and concerts free of tourists.  

Berlin: Even though Berlin gets chilly in the winter, you can save on hotels and experience outdoor Christmas markets.

Venice: Since winter is the “low season” of Venice, lines will be shorter and flights and hotels will be cheaper.  And in February you can take part in the festivities of Carnevale.  

Seville: Seville in the summer can be a bit too hot, so the cooler months are the perfect time to visit, thanks to cooler temperatures and fewer crowds.  Bars, restaurants and hotels will all be more open.