Meet Anton

Anton-LennikovAnton Mikhailovich Lennikov is an accomplished academic currently serving as a postdoctoral fellow with the Department of Clinical & Experimental Medicine (IKE)/Division of Neuro & Inflammation Sciences (NIV) at Linkoping University in Sweden. With nearly a decade of international experience, Anton remains passionate about exploring new places and engaging authentically with different cultures. Anton earned his Ph.D. from the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. He qualified as a medical doctor and completed an advanced degree in Ophthalmology with Vladivostok Medical University (now Pacific State Medical University).

Originally from Russia, Anton Lennikov first became interested in intercultural exchange through his study of the Japanese language due to the nation’s proximity to his own home. Upon completing his medical school residency, Anton came upon an opportunity to study abroad and seized the chance to expose himself to an entirely new world of adventure. After applying through the Japanese consulate, Anton scored highly in his entrance examination and interview, performing well enough to win acceptance to Japan under a temporary status exemption.

Once he arrived, Anton focused his efforts immediately on improving his Japanese language skills. Within just eight months, he successfully won acceptance to his Ph.D. program of choice in Sapporo. Academically, Anton thrived, and he completed his degree with the second highest score in the entire university. His research won him a number of grants and scholarships, as well as recognition for the best oral presentation at the 114th annual meeting of Japanese Ophthalmological Society in Nagoya.

In 2014, Anton Lennikov relocated abroad once again, this time to the United States, where he joined the Center for Cancer Research Laboratory of Genitourinary Cancer Pathogenesis in Bethesda, Maryland. Anton excelled, adapting well to the different models and standards of American academia. Anton now supervises a laboratory at Linkoping, Sweden.

A deep believer in the value of intercultural exchange and wandering, Anton continues to adore traveling and particularly experiencing the great outdoors. He is especially adept at mountaineering and has even climbed Mount Fuji. Beyond just hopping from place to place, however, Anton staunchly advocates for investing in new places to truly being understanding their nuance and beauty.

Wander, Travel, and Explore

Living somewhere is an entirely different adventure than simply traveling as a tourist. No matter where you go around the globe or how lightly you think you packed, there is one piece of luggage that nobody ever truly leaves at home – themselves. This encompasses your preconceived notions, perspectives, and assumptions about the world. As such, the gap between making a home somewhere new and casually visiting mirrors the difference between seeing and understanding. When you invest the time to live abroad, you become sincerely involved in the cultural and social processes of your new community – this eventually opens the door to true comprehension of how other people think, live, and see the world. Growing your perspective in this way empowers true personal growth.